We are Errands 

Errands Davao is a 'Homegrown Quick Service and Delivery' group operated by BringMe. It uses the offline and online platforms of doing errands requests for the accredited e-runners to perform tasks or deliver a service. We carry on 'Everyday' errands — offering a valuable solution to save your time in doing unnecessary efforts, thus making your day lighter and productive, to easily overcome the circumstances in the city life and living. We perform and respond to the services required, such as order-taking of food, do grocery shopping, finding specialty shops of pastries & cakes, lovely flowers bouquet, or unique novelty gifts to buy around the city. We can queue at any payment centers on your behalf, purchase hand-carry and volume items for any household or workplace essentials. We also provide Utility Runner vehicle with bigger room capacity to transmit the goods and products when an extra care is necessary, with extra hands of manpower upon request — all these and more, delivered right at your doorsteps or wherever you need it.

Moving beyond service.

We are a Partner in SMEs Growth. We establish partnerships with the other merchants and city's local shops to help them explore the potential leverage increase in sales income, through an extended delivery services to be conducted by Errands Davao group. More than that, is expanded customers reach with online social media exposures. This partnership campaign has offered good collaborations in-between, developed healthy competitions, and has exercised creativity in facing challenges with every step of the way in this new customer lifestyle experience of the city.

How Errands work.

&runners deliver services or goods to the address specified by the customer. The delivery services coverage is within the downtown area of Davao City. The Immediate and nearby Places will be subject to an additional P25 per succeeding kilometer. Service fees are initially disclos/ed upon engagement, base on total distance to travel from pick-up point to delivery address.


Accredited E-Runners to carry on the errands will proceed by a motorcycle to complete indicated tasks. An e-runner rider buys all your food orders, pick-up and deliver any goods, would queue at payment centers, arrange appointments, send out letters, buy grocery items, medicine. cakes & flowers, or even your pet's food.


Engage with us through Facebook Messenger, or by calling our hotline numbers for your errands request. An Errands Davao customer support will assist you, and then collect all the necessary information of your requests, including the pick-up location, delivery address, contact number, and the receiver's name.